Consulting services – ensuring growth with financial support

Are you planning to extend your core business? Are you about to open up new fields of business? Come and find out how we can help you achieve your goal! We are always ready to listen: you have the ideas, we have the experience! Our highly motivated, professional and skilful team will support you right from the very beginning.

Our advice will help you achieve your aims

The success of companies depends on solid foundations, growth and ensuring that growth can be ongoing. The City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency will help pave the way for you so you can develop well in all three of these areas. Your company can benefit from our wide-ranging advice, financial support and our help with authorizations and permits. Come and find out! Our team will tell you about the many different possibilities available and help you to implement them.

Retaining companies in the regional network

Retaining and stabilizing companies within the regional network is one of our main tasks. With the help of various public funding instruments, we can work out forward-looking restructuring plans, staff initiatives for keeping companies going or insolvency plan procedures. Our project management team will inform you fully about individual funding and support programmes.

Financing company growth

Successful company growth needs strong foundations and a strategy. The Economic Development Agency Dortmund will help you to plan how you extend your activities and to control and monitor your progress for the long term. Come and get advice from our experts on how to finance your growth!

Permits / authorizations

Being self-employed and running your own business can mean that you need a whole series of municipal and state permits or authorizations. This can also be as a result of your choice or change of location or if you extend or change your areas of activity. Find out in good time to make sure you fulfil all the requirements to get through the red-tape quickly.