Dortmund in the Rhine-Ruhr Region – a dynamic location with vision

One of the most dynamic new-economy cities in Germany and a rapidly growing technology location but also a liveable and loveable place to live and work – the former Hanseatic City of Dortmund is the largest city in Westphalia and in the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region. With innovative concepts and smart local policies we provide you with the best possible conditions right here.

Dortmund in the Rhine-Ruhr Region

With its approximately 600,000 inhabitants Dortmund is the real metropolis of western Westphalia and forms the gateway to the Rhine-Ruhr Region. This city of small and medium-sized companies, of technology and services has developed into a strong location for knowledge and has succeeded in making a name for itself both nationally and internationally. Future-oriented sectors such as micro and nano-technology, information technology and logistics, as well as sectors like biomedicine and robotics have already set up business here in this innovative city in Germany.

Dortmund lives and breathes knowledge-transfer: constantly developing university courses and research institutes as well as closely networked universities, research institutes and companies are just as much in focus as the high quality training and education programmes run to provide for the next generation of specialized staff. The technologies of tomorrow are being developed here and now and are then implemented in the latest products and services.

The lively urban core of this city has grown out of the historical centre of the 1100 year old Hanseatic City. Every day more than 600 shops, restaurants and cafés attract up to 100,000 people to Dortmund’s city centre which is clearly defined within the line of the former medieval city walls. As one of Europe’s greenest large cities Dortmund provides a truly comfortable environment to live in. Almost half of the city is made up of gardens, parks and meadows, fields and woods, which are actively protected and developed for the long term.

Service location

Providing a real “home” for companies: in addition to all its economic qualities, the City of Dortmund is also so convincing because of its diversity, charm and high quality of life. It has developed from being a classical industrial city to become a modern centre providing a broad range of services. It fulfils all the requirements with its excellent geographical location and infrastructure at the heart of such a strong industrial area. This will benefit your company, as will the availability of such highly educated and well-trained staff.