Sport needs vision

Dortmund is well known as a city of sport: soccer from Dortmund inspires people around the country and around the world, the DFB Football Museum attracts thousands of fans, the Westphalia Olympics support base takes care of 500 athletes and trainers in 20 different sporting disciplines and the Westfalenhalle has a very strong tradition as the venue for many sporting events. Sport is just everywhere and a key element of our leisure and entertainment culture.

The sports industry

Sport is part of our lifestyle and is good for your health as well. It also covers social and socio-political aspects. “Whether people are actively involved in sport or just watch it, sport is more than just fun, it creates ever increasing revenues, added value and jobs”, says Frank Gutzmerow, project manager in Sporttec at the City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency. Private consumption alone amounts to more than 90 billion Euros per year in Germany, more than 1.8 million people are employed in the sports industry. That shows just how significant sport is for the economy.

The sports industry includes more than just clubs and fitness centres, it also includes active and passive consumption (sportswear, entrance fees, etc.), sports media, retail, advertising and sports events. It is a multifaceted, cross-sectional sector with lots of potential for growth. More than 530 sports clubs with more than 171,000 members show clearly what sort of dimensions active club sport has reached in Dortmund.

The City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency has made it one of its targets to establish this location as a creative centre for the fields of sports marketing, sport design and sport management, and to create more space for training and promoting trainers and (professional and non-professional) sports-people. With new sports events, national networks and long term investigations into the available potential, they intend to increase the economic significance of the sports industry and to consolidate it as an important component of the leisure industry in Dortmund.

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