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Dortmund is one of the most significant logistics locations in Germany. The unique infrastructure here provides a central hub for all the different types of transport. A total of ten million people can be reached from here within a one hour road journey. Dortmund’s proximity to sales markets and suitably qualified workers is also ideal.


By road, by ship or by plane – Dortmund has connections throughout the world. Six interstate autobahns, Europe’s largest canal harbour with its container terminal and Dortmund Airport with its cargo terminal deliver perfectly functioning logistics. 50 distribution centres, including those for IKEA, Rewe and Thyssen-Krupp Materials, control their European-wide goods flows from here. 900 logistics companies and around 27,000 employees work in logistics in Dortmund.

Sector-specific university courses can be studied at the TU Dortmund University and the FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. This means there are lots of high quality applicants for jobs in logistics here. The Fraunhofer Institutes for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and for Software and Systems Technology (ISST) and the Institute for Distribution and Retail Logistics foster research and development in the field of logistics. The close cooperation between companies, associations, research institutes and universities puts Dortmund in a leading position when it comes to logistics planning, software and plant construction as well as for networking between the retail trade, logistics and information technologies.

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