Shaping the future with information technologies

A large number of companies appreciate Dortmund for its special environment and the wide variety of opportunities it delivers for training and recruiting the next generation of qualified staff. Dortmund provides the largest IT training and education environment in Germany. These developments are accompanied by targeted funding, support and development programmes with sector-specific know-how and a wide range of relevant activities.

Information technologies

With more than 12,000 employees in 840 companies, Dortmund is an important location for the information technology business. This sector benefits from the wide range of renowned universities in the region which have been guaranteeing first class, high standards of training for new staff for more than 20 years. More than 4,100 students are enrolled in IT courses and dual study-apprenticeship programmes which combine learning theory and gaining practical experience.

Internationally recognized research institutes develop state of the art technologies in close cooperation with universities and companies here. The outstandingly trained and qualified specialists in the region are employed by these institutions and are one of the driving forces behind growth in this sector.

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