Energie 2.0 – Efficient use of resources

Economic success depends to a large extent on using resources efficiently and intelligently. Thanks to the special company and university landscape here, Dortmund is a key location for the development of modern efficiency technologies. For the companies located here there is a high level of user potential for successfully pushing ahead with the changeover from an industrial to a service society and ultimately to a knowledge society.

Energy 2.0

As a location for medium-sized companies, Dortmund has established itself at the forefront of the future-oriented market for efficiency technologies. In the "Efficient Dortmund" project, stakeholders from many different sectors are brought together under one roof. The aim of this initiative is to achieve integrated use of measures for improving efficiency, to save resources and to optimize the value-adding chain. One of the measures is the formation of topic-specific networks and the development of innovative projects and products. "Resources and energy" is one of the topic areas dealt with in the initiative.

The resources section is dedicated to promoting the responsible use of raw materials and the development of recycling processes. These can play an active role in reducing production costs. The energy section is concerned with increasing companies’ competitiveness by using energy-efficient products. This is where renewable energies are considered and measures for reducing CO² emissions are developed.

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