New areas for growth – a magnetic attraction!

The large geographical area covered by the knowledge metropolis of Dortmund is something quite special. Purchasing power, good living and housing conditions and socially stable districts within the city are all important factors when it comes to deciding where to settle. Increasing growth has a magnetic effect, drawing even more companies and people into our city.

More areas for growth

“Our aim is to increase added value in selected districts by raising purchasing power by ten percent”, explains Andreas Eller, Head of Division at the Business Services Centre (DLZW). Added value at a local level maintains social stability and solid purchasing power. Companies can benefit by implementing future-oriented business models in empty commercial properties. After they have been refurbished this provides space for offers which are popular in the local area. This encourages business people, retailers, the creative industries and property owners to get to know each other in initiatives and work together as partners in the districts. The ethnic economies play a significant role here too, as every fifth company in Dortmund is managed by a migrant.

Your contact partner:

Andreas Eller

T: 0231 50 2 98 14
F: 0231 50 2 98 10