New unskilled jobs for more employment!

Setting up new unskilled jobs and improving integration for the unemployed under 25 years of age are key aims for the Economic Development Agency Dortmund in their efforts to vitalise Dortmund’s employment market. In order to push this forward, a wide range of different interest groups are working together as partners on the “New jobs – for the local economy” concept.

New unskilled jobs

The growth in the number of management jobs does not automatically lead to lower unemployment. In Dortmund the number of highly qualified personnel has increased considerably in recent years, but unemployment continues to be well above average. Opportunities for unemployed people with low level or no qualifications have so far been very limited here. Reasons for this include the increased demand for higher qualifications and the impacts of demographic change. Joachim Beyer, head of the Employment and Qualification Department at the Economic Development Agency Dortmund explains: “In addition to tools for training and attracting companies to come here we also want to develop an integrative employment market.”

The concept “New jobs – for the local economy” is based on several key aspects and is being implemented together with the Federal and State Authorities: new jobs are to be created for unskilled people, and in the long term mini-jobs are also to be transformed into jobs which are subject to social security contributions.

The Economic Development Agency Dortmund also focuses on prevention: youth unemployment is being countered by extending the impacts of general and vocational education. In addition to a Youth Vocational Advice Agency, in future a concept for technical secondary and comprehensive education will also be developed. “Only by focussing more strongly on the employees of the future will we be able to counter structural unemployment and to reduce youth unemployment”, Joachim Beyer tells us.

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